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Remo-M Fixed-Wing UAS

Quick interchangeable sensor payloads
Quick interchangeable sensor payloads



Remo-M Fixed-Wing UAS

The Remo-M is widely used unmanned aircraft system built for mobility, rapid deployment, and aerial mapping applications. Featuring a one-of-a-kind deep-stall vertical landing feature, the Remo-M only requires a 15 meter radius landing area. Users benefit from the simplicity of flight planning software and intuitive user interface. Oblique images with roll axis gimbal for intelligent 3D modeling. The Remo-M is the most advanced fixed-wing UAV in its class, delivering greater efficiency, flight mission flexibility and simplicity.

  • Lightweight – hand-launch design

  • Autonomous Operation & Autoland

  • Quick interchangeable sensor payloads – Sony 20mm, Rededge, Sequoia

  • Adjustable Angle (2-axis) Roll Gimbal

  • Flexible take-off and Landing

Aircraft Specifications

Platform Type
Flight Time
Wing Span
Operating Temperature
Gross Takeoff Weight
Flight Speed
Maximum Operational Wind

Fixed Wing
Carbon armored fiber
90 minutes at sea level (guaranteed)
7.7 lbs.
30 to 50 mph (cruising speed 34 mph)
30 mph (15m/s)

Ground Control System Specifications

Flight Management System
Ground Control Station

Running Time
Communication Frequency

Maestro (Uconsystem AutoPilot)
Microsoft Windows Semi-rugged Getac Laptop
(360° rotation touch screen)
4+ Hours

Remo-M UAS is designed to provide an effortless set-up experience with a ready-to-fly package that includes: Remo-M aircraft, flight batteries, battery charger, ground station with tripod, laptop computer, field kit, hard-sided transport case, all required cables, control handset, and flight training.


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