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Leptron trains KIVI TV pilots

BusinessWire puts Leptron among top 7 commercial drone vendors

KRQE river dame inspection story



Leptron In The News

Below are links to news stories and articles that feature Leptron services and products posted on the internet from around the world. Leptron (a division of Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.) is proud of being recognized by news sources and researchers for our hard work and accomplishments.


December 2017

Black Swift Technologies and Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems Join Forces.

August 2017

Envision a high-flying future for unmanned aircraft systems.

May 2017

SatPRNews Ranks Leptron a “Key Player” of Commercial Drone Manufacturing.

April 2017

KIVI TV Graduates from Leptron Flight Training.

March 2017

Guernsey County RDASS FLIR Training

November 2016

BusinessWire Ranks Leptron a Top 7 Commercial Drone Manufacturer.

June 2016

Leptron Inspects New Mexico River Dam.

December 2015

City of Laredo PD Training.

October 2014

Arlington PD Surveys Storm Damage with Leptron Avenger.