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GeoSwift SystemThe GeoSwift System

Launching a GeoSwift

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GeoSwift Mapper

The GeoSwift Mapper provides the ability to capture millions of data points in one flight. GeoSwift Mapper's exclusive intuitive mission planning software is an integrated system for collecting data over geography that is topically diverse with confidence. There is no need to reserve manned aircraft or land-based vehicle, thus reducing equipment and pilot costs and scheduling delays. The GeoSwift Mapper can be programmed in minutes to calculate the area under review and then begin collecting the data for immediate analysis and decision making. Accuracy of flight data following Geotag locations significantly reduce errors.

  • Ready-to-fly turnkey flight system

  • Each photograph is time and GPS tagged

  • Intuitive SwiftStation Mission Planning Software

  • Hand launchable with automated landing functionality

  • Rugged and resilient airframe

  • Durable enough to withstand accidental groundings

  • Reliable in inclement conditions

Aircraft Specifications

Platform Type
Wing Span
Operating Temperature
Gross Weight
Maximum Indicated Airspeed
Maximum Operational Winds
Maximum Landing Crosswind
Stall Speed
Maximum Rate of Climb
Best Glide Speed
Operational Ceiling
Supported Flight Battery
Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Flight Time

Fixed Wing
-5 to 100°F
6 lbs.
20 m/s
25 mph (11 m/s)
10 mph (4 m/s)
11 m/s
4.6 m/s
13 m/s
15,000' MSL
RGB or Multispectral
8000mAh LiPO
135 Watts
1 hour

SwiftStation Specifications

Operating System

Run Time
Communication Frequency
Manual R⁄C Handset

SwiftStation Flight Planning Software
Touch Screen Android Tablet, 9.7"
2 lbs.
12.5" x 10" x 2"
4+ Hours
Futaba 6-Channel Transmitter

Kit Includes

  • GeoSwift Mapper Aircraft

  • Choice of RGB or Multispectral

  • Camera SD Card⁄Autopilot SD Card

  • Aircraft Battery 8000mAh LiPO

  • SwiftStation with Case

  • R⁄C Handset

  • Performance LiPO Charger

  • Tool Kit

  • Field Tripod

  • Protective Case

SwiftStationSwiftStation with Touch Screen Tablet
and 6-Channel Transmitter


The GeoSwift Mapper is ideal for survey and mapping applications offering a fully automated system with outstanding image quality and photogrammetric accuracy. Professionals use the GeoSwift Mapper to produce detailed modeling and site topography. Data collected is reliable, accurate and detailed. The GeoSwift Mapper is able to access areas that might be dangerous for human access. Challenging terrain is safely and quickly accessed with a drone.

GeoSwift in Flight


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