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GeoSwift SystemThe GeoSwift UAS System

Launching a GeoSwift

Available Flight Training





GeoSwift Mapper UAS

The GeoSwift Mapper UAS was designed as an advanced fully autonomous, yet simple to operate, survey and mapping unmanned aircraft system. The mission planning software is intuitive allowing operators to get up and flying quickly. Take-off is performed through a simple hand launch, and the landing algorithm features a robust and precise autonomous landing.

The GeoSwift Mapper UAS also features an interchangeable camera payload bay providing flexibility to suite your business's needs. Select from one or multiple cameras to produce professional outputs that include:

  • Orthomosaic

  • DSM (Digital Surface Model)

  • Topographic Map

  • 3D Mesh With Texture

  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)

  • Point Cloud

  • Thermal⁄IR

Aircraft Specifications

Platform Type
Flight Time
Area Covered
Wing Span
Operating Temperature
Gross Takeoff Weight
Maximum Airspeed
Maximum Operational Winds
Best Mapping Speed
Stall Speed
Maximum Rate of Climb
Operational Ceiling
Operating Temperature
Flight Management System

Fixed Wing
1 hour
600 acres (900 with battery upgrade)
-5 to 100°F
6 lbs.
44 mph (20 m/s)
25 mph (11 m/s)
30 mph (13 m/s)
11 m/s
4.6 m/s
14,000' MSL
RGB or Multispectral
-5 to 100°F

Ground Control Station Specifications

Flight Management System
Operating System
Run Time
Communication Frequency

SwiftStation™, SwiftPilot™, and SwiftTab™
Android Tablet, 9.7" Display
4+ Hours

Ready-To-Fly Out Of The Box

The GeoSwift Mapper UAS includes everything required for conducting mapping missions; aircraft, battery, ground station with tripod, tablet computer, field toolbox, carry case, control handset, and flight training.

Select from one or multiple camera and accessory options that suit your mapping needs:

Sony a6300 with Optional PPK/RTK (centimeter accuracy)

  • APS-C 24 MP sensor

  • World's Fastest AF (Auto Focus)

MicaSense RedEdge Multispectral

  • 5 Spectral Bands including near – IR

FLIR Vue Pro

  • Thermal Imaging

SwiftStation with Touch Screen Tablet and 6-Channel Transmitter


The GeoSwift Mapper UAS is ideal for survey and mapping applications offering a fully automated system with outstanding image quality and photogrammetric accuracy. Professionals use the GeoSwift Mapper to produce detailed modeling and site topography. Data collected is reliable, accurate and detailed. The GeoSwift Mapper is able to access areas that might be dangerous for human access. Challenging terrain is safely and quickly accessed with a drone.

GeoSwift in Flight


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