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About Leptron

Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems designs, manufactures and distributes unmanned aerial systems (UASs, UAVs, or drones) for law enforcement, military, environmental protection, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and other applications. Leptron engineers superior aerial vehicles which are technically advanced and easy to operate. We focus on innovation to create larger payloads, longer ranges, higher altitudes and superior harsh environment operation.

Leptron was founded in 2006 by John Oakley to create the highest quality, best performing small rotary wing aircraft. Today Leptron has patented technology that offers our customers unprecedented quality and ease of use. Leptron is recognized as a leader in the UAS industry and our credentials with the FAA and DoD allow us to deliver these same high quality products to the civilian, law enforcement and military industries.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles is critical for industry today. Integrating UAS’s into systems and infrastructure ensures safety and quality by inexpensively providing real-time information and tools for data analysis. Leptron’s unique platform provides simple controls for safe operation and compliance with government flight requirements. UAS data can be used to ensure reliability for industrial, military, law enforcement and firefighting applications.

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