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Small UAS COA Support

Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Inc. assists with filing waiver applications for certain small
UAS operations.

Leptron has extensive working knowledge of regulatory environments encompassing both commercial and public UAS operations. Additionally, Leptron is committed to helping you achieve your remote pilot program development goals today and well into the future.

FAA   Title 14 CFR Part 107 Rules

Summer of 2016, the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) released Title 14 CFR Part 107 rules that apply towards commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). This rule includes the option to apply for a certificate of waiver or authorization (COA) which allows sUAS operators to deviate from Part 107 rules if the FAA finds that the proposed operation is performed safely. Federal, State, and Local government agencies have the option to either operate under Part 107 rule or can apply for a public COA.

Waivable sections of Part 107:

  • Operations from a moving vehicle or aircraft (§ 107.25)
  • Day Operations (§ 107.29)
  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (§ 107.31)
  • Visual Observer (§ 107.33)
  • Operating Multiple sUAS (§ 107.35)
  • Carriage of Hazardous Material (§ 107.36)
  • Yielding the right of Way (§ 107.37 (a))
  • Operations over People (§ 107.39)
  • Operations in Certain Airspace (§ 107.41)
  • Operation in the Vicinity of Airports (§ 107.43)

APPROVED Stamp   How Leptron Can Help

The FAA conducts a comprehensive review of submitted COA applications. The FAA may impose limitations or provisions if the applicant fails to accurately describe operational and technical details regarding their intended operations. Leptron quickly recognized that customers were grounding their UAV program due to challenges during the FAA application process. Being no stranger to the process, Leptron knew it was essential to offer COA application filing support.

Leptron is excited to work with civilian and public agencies whose goals are to operate a sUAS under Part 107 waivers. With Leptron’s industry experience, we can help you reach those goals by evaluating operational limitations, determining which waivers are applicable, and support the application and filing process with the FAA.

Leptron UAS Inc. is a leader in the market by fulfilling the needs of our customers through training, certification prep, and public COA support. Additionally, Leptron manufacturers light industrial-grade unmanned aircraft systems and industry specific camera technology used for aerial data acquisition, inspection and search & rescue. Leptron is a single-source for all your unmanned program development needs.

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