Key Specifications

  1. Full Featured Autopilot: Full Military grade autopilot with GPS Waypoints, 3D flight Terrain, Max/Min Altitudes, laser altimeter, no-fly zones, multiple vehicles and more. Autopilot offers integration to sensors and camera packages for target tracking and encrypted data links
  2. Dual Mode: Ground station mode and/or wireless handheld remote
  3. High Performance: Up to 40 mph winds and up to 12,000 FT MSL
  4. Range: 2 mile standard range, Iridium Satellite link ready
  5. Endurance: Standard 20 minutes on battery. Specialty 2+ hours with an optional fuel engine
  6. Flexible Payload and Configurations: COTS - Camera Turrets, HD Video, FLIR and night vision, SAR and LIDAR packages available
  7. Ultimate Mobility: Single Case for rapid deployment under 5 minutes

Technical Details

Main Rotor Diameter
1842 mm
Tail Rotor Diameter
285 mm
Height x Length
19.75 in x 58 in
Engine Power
7,456 Watts (10 Hp)
Payload (Usable)
10 lbs (Front or Under)
Operational Radius
2 Mile Standard /
10 Mile Satellite
COTS - Turret System, FLIR, SAR, HD Video/Still
Fully Autonomous in 2 Modes
COTS - L, S and C Bands Encrypted/Un Encrypted Digital
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