Flight Automation Overview

The Avenger™ has been designed with military grade features, and is one of the easiest helicopter platforms to operate.

The Avenger™ integrates state-of-the art flight control technology. The adaptive flight control means payloads can be changed without reprogramming the autopilot.

What makes the Avenger so good?

  1. Multiple Modes – The Avenger can be remotely controlled either from a wireless handheld unit, a laptop or both simultaneously
  2. Missions – Auto takeoff, auto landing. Real time, drag and drop control of waypoints: latitude, longitude, altitude, and camera functions. Feature rich yet simple Windows interface
  3. Multiple Vehicles – Control multiple Avengers from one laptop
  4. 3-D Maps – Satellite imagery with terrain data
  5. Camera Control – Control all camera functions
  6. Target Tracking – Target tracking via camera or helicopter
  7. Black Box – Full onboard data recording

Ground Station Software

With a simple flick of the autopilot toggle switch, the Avenger™ can be managed fully from the Ground Station Software. This quick conversion allows the helicopter to be managed in a full autonomous mode via the laptop or optionally attached Joystick.

The Ground Station software allows for creation of pre-determined missions including the capability to download 2D satellite images of terrain and develop complete flight plans that include detailed way point management and the ability to create height, attitude and Helicopter direction via and speed of movement between all way points.

Also, the software allows for the ability to trigger camera and remote video via payloads at specific points. The software also shows ‘real time’ elements of the Helicopter Health including battery, telemetry connectivity and other key attributes. The user always has the flexibility to switch during a mission into Assisted Mode, RC Mode, or Home Mode. The ability to seamlessly switch into and back to the Mission Mode completes the ability of the Avenger™ Helicopter to offer true user controlled autonomous flight.

R/C-Based Pilot Directed Mode

The Pilot can fly the Avenger™ in a fully stabelized GPS controlled mode via a wireless controller that allows directional input to the helicopter. The onboard flight system receives the inputs from the Pilot and is able to fully manage all aspects of flight including, wind, altitude, and other parameters. The autopilot then manages all onboard systems to guide the helicopter to the user commanded directions. If the Pilot simply lets go of the controller the helicopter returns automatically to a stable hover. The system is able to take 'Novice' RC users and make them into efficient mission managers. This robust functionality allows for more complicated dual user missions with the inclusion of the groundstation. Both a groundstation user and a field user can pass vehicle control seamlessly back and forth to allow for precise flights for both video and custom payloads. The result is groundbreaking and creates the simplest to use UAV Helicopter platform on the market today.

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