Electric motors do not create excessive vibrations and thus cause large stabilization requirements for mounts carrying sensitive videography and monitoring equipment.

The Avenger™ uses electric batteries that are easy on the operator and do not require purchasing and storing messy and expensive fuels. The included battery re-charging stations offer yearly usage costs that compared to a fuel system is pennies a year.

The patent pending ‘quick’ release mechanisms for battery connections offers a minimal down time (less than 30 seconds) to swap out batteries and get flying again.

Electric motors operate with far less noise and motion for ‘stealthy’ operations during video and camera usage.

The Avenger™’s patent pending design allows for rapid deployment with full autopilot with a simple R/C remote control. This allows ‘First Responders’ to get in the air with precious cargo quickly. Since there is no annoying base station laptop boot-up, just plug in the batteries and go.

All elements of the Avenger™ have ‘quick-connect’ elements to let you swap out batteries and cargo quickly to get you back on the job.

Optional Pelican cases for controllers, base stations, chargers and helicopters insure that your cargo is secure and maximizes longevity and usage.

The Avenger™ has the ability to allow ‘Novice’ flyers the same capability of autonomous flight with automated take off, managed ascents and descents, GPS managed hovering, and auto landing as experienced RC pilots all from an R/C controller. This feature minimizes training and maximizes the use of the helicopter job capability.

The full featured Ground Control Station Software allows pilots the ability to complete fully autonomous missions or combine the R/C controller and Laptop usage that allows for simple ‘Missions’ with waypoint management and integration with camera payloads. This allows for simple and easy complex missions that can include multiple pilots and camera payload users.

The included GPS monitoring systems and integrated Autopilot offers the ultimate in safety with the ‘Home’ mode. If the Avenger™ control units (R/C unit or Laptop) lose power or the Avenger™ becomes out of range for any reason, the helicopter returns to a pre-determined GPS point, hovers for 1 minute and then auto-lands and shuts down all rotors.

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